Life is good

It’s a lovely late August morning in So Cal. The sun is shining, the dogs are playing, Current Husband just woke up.

It’s all good in the world.

More webinars

I’ve added another webinar to the mix. This one is October 7th 2009. Ed Marshall is talking about breaking into the API market. This is a very requested topic and I expect lots of attendees. To sign up for this or other webinars, go to

And remember, if the time or date don’t work for you, sign up anyway. We record these webinars and you’ll automatically get a link to the recording the next day. Then you can “do” the webinar when it does work for you.

Help me out a little

I’d like to know if having these webinars about every other week is the right frequency. Perhaps it’s too often? Perhaps you’d like 1x a month? 1x a quarter?

If you could post in the comments what you’d like to see in frequency (or a topic you’d like to learn more about), that would help me a lot. I can better plan to meet your needs.

Time for work for me! I have client deadlines.

Posted by: Sharon

5 Responses to “Life is good”

  1. Even though I’ve heard it claimed that you can’t ever get enough of a good thing, I would think once a month is plenty to establish a tradition – as long as previous webinars stay available. I find myself going back to the canned editions whenever I’m ready for them.

  2. Once a month is plenty, as long as the previous webinars remain available (as the person above said).

  3. I attend many of the tool-neutral webinars. I’ve found them very informative and full of practical tips. I especially like the webinars relating to DITA and topic-based writing, as I recently started working in such an environment.

    Because I only attend the recorded webinars, due to time zone differences, I watch them at my convenience. Although I average once a month, if you decrease the frequency, I’ll have less topics to choose from…

  4. I’m in favor of about 1 a month. It gets tough for many of us to catch up on much more than that and I’d rather see this go on for a long time instead of everyone getting burned out on it.

    So far, I’ve watched almost every one (either live or recorded) and they’ve all be great.

  5. Sharon,

    I’m loving the webinars but must admit I’m starting to get some flack from my manager about the frequency of them. In fact, we’re now limited to one a month. Transcripts would be really helpful in addition to the recordings.

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