And a Happy New Year to you

I’ve had a lovely vacation, thank you. I stayed home, cooked a lot, cleaned a lot (my garage looks really good!), and knitted a lot. Current Husband and the animals are very happy to have had their fill of me. It’s back to San Diego with me on Monday.

As the new year starts, I’m also brimming with ideas. My brain had time to think. One of the (very very few) things I don’t like about my job is there isn’t a lot of time to just think. We’re just really busy all the time. Sitting quietly and thinking is a luxury. But 2 weeks off gave me time to think and clear my head.


So what have I been thinking about?

I’ve been thinking that we need more free webinars this spring. The response to the ones we’ve scheduled so far is amazing.

I’m looking for people who have a topic that’s interesting to the profession and want to get their name out there. That’s doesn’t mean that you have to change the world. Nor does it mean that you have to use our tools.

Perhaps you:

  • have some insight into your users that changed how you created or delivered docs
  • can talk about learning more about your audience
  • are good at project planning and estimating
  • are implementing Simplified English and have learned something useful

and many other topics.

Doing a webinar costs you nothing but some time. You don’t even have to be in the US to do it. I may be able to get you some product in exchange for doing one, but no promises on that.

Doing a webinar sets you up as an expert and helps you professionally. It also helps the field as a whole by adding to the cumlative knowledge. And it’s fun to do!

More thoughts

Personally, this year I need to become an expert at screen videos and audio. It’s something I’ve not done before in my career; it’s simply never come up.

I’m an online help and printed document expert. I’m good at designing documentation for usability. I can identify audience and then design to meet those needs. I’m good at project planning and managing writers. I’m even pretty good at designing ads and writing copy, I’ve discovered.

But multimedia is new to me. And I need to be expert at it.

So next week, I’m locking myself up in a room and becoming good at it (and trying to keep people away from me while I do it). My goal is to be expert by March.

The learning never ends, does it? And that’s why the webinars are a good idea!

3 Responses to “And a Happy New Year to you”

  1. Sharon,

    In a former life, I was an actor…Shakespearean-trained, opera-trained, stage/film/TV, no dancing, and I did a LOT of voice work (Time/Warner, Hartcourt-Brace, Steck-Vaughn, CBS, New York Times, etc). I would be pleased to share a few tips with you if you like. I’ll be at the WritersUA thingy in Seattle…regards, Kelly.

  2. Hello Sharon,

    I’ve seen your posts at HATT (where I found out about your webinars), and I’ve just watched and listened to your Topic-based Content Development’ webinar, which I found really informative and fun (thank you!). At the end of your webinar I found the link to your blog and then came upon this post about how you intend to become ‘expert’ at multimedia. Your attitude is inspiring. I also need to get some webinars/tutorial type stuff together this year and find it hard to step out of the box of step 1, step 2, click this, that – end (fact, fact, fact). The process of sourcing, analyzing, and arranging content IS creative, but not like a multimedia presentation where you have to put a little more of yourself on display (maybe that’s it?). So what was it like spending a week in a room trying to start that process? At some point I’m guessing you have to decide what your style’s going to be and then Just Do It! But what leads up to that? Thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. Carolyn, this is a great topic for another blog post! Stay tuned later this week and I’ll write about how I do demos and what I decide to record and why. It’s different and I’m learning a lot.

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