No one releases 4 products at once

Except us. That’s what we’ve spent the last month doing, getting all 4 products ready to release at the same time.

So what did we release? Here’s the list:

  • Flare 4 (author and publish online and printed content)
  • Blaze (author and publish printed content)
  • Analyzer 2 (free if you have version 1)
  • The X-Edit family (supports the multi-contributor workflow and eases the pain of reviews)

This is quite possibly our biggest release since the first release of Flare.

So what’s in the new versions, Sharon?

Really, too much to tell you about here. I’m going to send you to the brand-new website to find out more. It wasn’t enough that we released 4 products at the same time, we’ve also revamped and redone our website! (We’re all a little tired.)

Once at the new website, you can find out about all the new versions, sign up for demos and webinars, and download the trials. And send us feedback about what works and doesn’t work on the new website.

Did I mention the special pricing? We’re practically giving Blaze away.

If you’ve been waiting for…

A robust authoring and publishing tool that fits your workflow needs, it’s time look at Flare (online and print outputs) or Blaze (print outputs). If you’re still locked into chapter-based authoring, you need the power that topic-based authoring gives you.

If you looked at our products before and they weren’t quite what you wanted, take a look again. We’ve included feedback from our users, increased the power of the tools, and generally improved your workflow. It’s all there now.

Because good documentation shouldn’t be hard. (I thought up that tag line and I rather like it!)

My first podcast!

Last Friday, I did my first podcast. Tom Johnson and I spent about 45 minutes talking and I had a really good time. What you don’t know – and hopefully won’t hear – is that I was dying from food poisoning that morning. I’d been up since about 3:30a, pretty darn sick. I have no idea what I got into but it was in a hurry to leave.

Tom was great, as always, and I think it went well. I sure can talk. With luck, I made sense or at least entertained you. Maybe both! If I missed on both scores, remember how really sick I was and be nice.

Stop by and visit

OK – I’m expecting to see you all in demos soon. If you all want to show up, we’ll have to add a few more. But that would be happy news and not a problem. If you’re fast, I have a Blaze demo at 8am Monday morning, Pacific time. If you missed that, we’ve got lots of others.

I’m also going to be at DocTrain East at the end of October and then at Tekom in Germany in early November. I’ll be at several local STC functions and am available to come talk to your group about our tools.

Now go see what the excitement is about!

3 Responses to “No one releases 4 products at once”

  1. Mick A. Non Says:

    Any chance you’ll have a tool in Flare for importing content from AuthorIT databases soon? I’d be happy to be rid of that buggy product. Sadly, AuthorIT had some nice ideas, but they were amateurishly implemented and shoddily supported.

  2. […] Software just release not one but four products. As Sharon Burton notes in her blog, “no one releases four products at once”. Admittedly, the four […]

  3. When you have a team that works THIS hard and THIS well together with support THIS great, the competition can’t help but to take notice regardless of size. Its rare to see companies this size take on markets with this kind of fervour, passion, and verve …and to think help authoring was just ‘help authoring…’

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