Shaking and moving

Well, as you may know, So Cal got an earthquake this week. When I talked about the 4 seasons we have in So Cal – Green, Brown, Fire, Flood – I didn’t mention earthquakes. They’re not seasonal, they just happen. It’s part of the fun.

I was here in San Diego and outside so I didn’t feel it. The earthquake center was about 10 miles from my house in Riverside, about 100 miles north-northeast of here.

But in Riverside…

My husband was in a dental chair in Riverside, getting x-rays when everything started shaking badly and all the employees ran out of the building. He sat there saying “Hello? Hello?” and waiting for the earthquake to get really bad or stop. And hoping they turned off the x-ray machine. He walked out when it was over, asking the employees “Is my face glowing? Tell me the truth…”

I’ve not been home yet, except for a few hours last night, so I’ve not looked to see if we have any damage, but Husband doesn’t see any. Nothing got knocked over or fell, he said. We should be fine.

By the way, if you like to get a sense of earthquakes in So Cal, go to It’s also a great way to show the earthquakes, so it completely relates to Tech Comm. Graphical representation of technical information.

Back to work with me. Busy day in a busy week!


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