Well, shoot me because I’m the worst blogger ever

I haven’t blogged since before I left for Tulsa. I’m bad. Now that we know I’m wrong and we’ve all shot me, we can move on. If only it worked that easily in my second marriage..

Yes, seeing the family was wonderful and I had a great time. My grand son fell asleep in my arms, my grand daughter kissed me. My niece and I went yarn shopping and I taught her the basics of crochet (she’s very good and I hope she keeps it up), my son showed me some wonderful photos he took recently and my sister is great. It was all wonderful and a great way to spend my birthday.

Importing FrameMaker to Flare webinars

Wow, are these filling up fast. About as fast as I can schedule them. I’ve got them scheduled to the end of August now. If you are working with a FrameMaker to Flare workflow or are considering moving from Frame to Flare, then sign up. You can ask questions at the end that are specific to what you’re doing, if you want.

A note: I’m not yet a Flare expert, at least not for version 3.1. So if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you. but I’m not tech support and if your question seems big, perhaps you should contact Tech Support first and see what they can do with you.

As to when Flare 4 comes out? Attend the webinar and ask me!

OK – I have 100 things to get done before the next webinar. Hope to see you there!


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