Join the fun

Something fun you can do at home is play the “Is So Cal going to run out of Electricity?” game. When we have heat waves, we can run out of electricity and occasionally start with blackouts and other fun stuff.

While it seems unlikely in this particular heat wave, you might want to play at home and laugh at us. Root for the red line to cross the green line!

A warning, tho: when the red line gets close to the green line, things can start happening fast. The little meter suddenly pegs, warnings and levels of emergency start happening quickly. I’ve seen it cascade through from “Why, that doesn’t looks good” to Stage 3 and rolling blackouts in 30 minutes.

Go to and watch the electricity usage. Just another way we in So Cal are outrunning our infrastructure.

And this relates to tech comm how?

Ah, it does relate because this site does a good job of visually showing technical information in a way that can be grasped quickly and easily. You don’t even need the actual numbers to understand what is happening. Just watch the lines.

Click the graph and then scroll to the table – same information but much less powerful. Tufte in action.

Good technical visual and a fun game to play at home.


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