Frame to Blaze updated

I’m in my town today, 100 miles north-north-east of San Diego and it’s hot. 104˚ in the shade, baby. I like hot but this is a lot to ask.

Baby, it’s hot outside

Normally, we wander into the heat, every day a little warmer through spring until mid July when it’s 104˚. Not this year. This year it was cool and cool and BAM – hot. Yikes.

And the rainy season is over. Unlike a lot of the world, in So Cal, we have a 4 month rainy season and then we have sunshine for 8 months. It sounds good and usually is but after about 6 months, you long for something other than “Sunny”. And then the fires start and you wish you had “Sunny” back.

We do have 4 seasons in So Cal, though: Fire, Flood, Green, and Brown. We’re transitioning to Brown now. Brown can last up to 6 months, but no one wants that. Sept to December are our worst Fire months so we prefer to go right to Flood in October if we can.

I don’t want to complain too much about the heat now though- we could be under 10 feet of water, like the midwest. I’m sure they would like to see a month or 2 of no rain.

Frame to Blaze Best Practices updated

OK – I’ve been working with Blaze, as I hope you have too, and I’ve updated the Best Practices document. So, please, download the document and work with Blaze. it’s here: frametoblazebestpracticesdraft41

We refreshed the beta early this week and I like it. We just (hopefully) fixed a very nasty bug this week and after some testing, you should see it in a week or 2. Stay tuned for that.

Time for the pool soon

I’ve been giving our young dog swimming lessons the last few weeks. Of course, dogs know how to swim but they drowned in pools because they don’t know how to get out. So if you have a dog and a pool, you have to work with them so they know how to get out.

What that means is I get in the pool. Gus gets very happy because we’re going to play with the ball. I throw the ball in the pool. He walks the hot tub wall (carefully, because it’s narrow and he’s 75 lbs) and looks at the ball in the pool.

He looks at me.

He thinks it thru.

He leaps into the water, goes under, comes up, and swims for the ball. He gets the ball.

Depending on where in the pool we are, he either heads for the stairs or for the seat at the other end of the pool. If the seat, he sits, looks at me and then goes for the stairs. The entire time, I’m telling him he’s a good dog.

Rinse and repeat.

The old Cattle Dog, Sara, has loved her pool since she was taught pool safety some 14 years ago. But now, it’s really hard for her to get her old stiff bones in and out of the pool. She falls most of the time, trying to get out.

Now she walks along the side of the pool, huffing and barking at Gus. It really looks like she’s coaching him.

I think Gus is having fun in the pool with me but I’m not sure. In the end, it doesn’t matters if he likes it so long as he’s safe around the pool. But it would be more fun for the whole pack if he liked it. His toes are webbed to the last knuckle, so he could be a strong swimmer. If that’s what he’s into.

After all, it’s the Brown season!

One Response to “Frame to Blaze updated”

  1. Hi, Sharon. I’m going to try to work my way through the updated Frame > Blaze document in the next few days. But it’s really time you thought about doing something about a larger segment of your potential users and that’s the Word > Blaze document.

    I’m in the situation right now where I have a choice to make: Word > Frame or Word > Blaze/Flare. I really, really need to transition some of documentation workflow out of Word. On Frame’s side: we have it, we know it, we like it. On the Blaze/Flare side: it’s more topic oriented, and it works with your other tools (Analyser, Xedit, etc.), and you (MadCap) are WAY more clued in to writers’ needs tha Adobe (though I have to admit, they are getting better and I will be looking at the TC Suite 2 beta beta as soon as I can get my hands on it).

    Based on personal experience, and talking with other writers I know, there are probably at least three times as many writers stuck with having to use Word as there are using Frame. If you want to expand your market, you might want to consider orienting some of your product literature to those stuck in Word and trying to get out.

    And if you get tired of the 104F of SoCal, in Southern Ontario we’re having a very pleasant (albeit wet) June with temperatures running about 68 – 72F max this week. Then again, we had a hailstorm earlier this week that killed off 1/3 of my tomato plants.

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