Waiting in the wings

I’ve been called for jury duty this week. This is going to be one of those painful ones, I can tell already. My web message last night said that I should check again about noon today.

I think I’ll spend all week checking 2x a day and then not have to go attend. It wouldn’t be a problem if I worked in the same city where I live but I work in a different county, 100 miles away. So I work from home this week, unless I need to go downtown to attend jury duty.

Carrying a spear

I wouldn’t mind the jury duty so much but I have a lot to do and we just got back from STC international. We did demos in the booth that were always well attended. We handed out lots of stuff. We talked to hundreds of people. We crawled back to the hotel at the end of the day. It was great.

Mike’s blog has pictures. I have some as well but can’t do any resizing or other editing. My desktop computer – where I have all my photo editing software – died before I left for STC. I’m pretty sure it’s the power supply and it goes to the shop this morning. When I get it back, I’ll post some pictures too.

Story arcs

So what did I learn from the STC conference? I learned that our products are insanely popular. We were flooded at the booth during breaks.

I also finally met Susan Burton (the head of STC) in person. She’s about a foot shorter and about 80 pounds lighter than I am. We compared notes on how people continue to confuse our names, despite the obvious differences. It’s actually amusing to both of us.

OK – shower time. I need to get the computer to the shop before I have to log in and check my jury duty again. Sigh.


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