Man, the STC webinar was fun!

The webinar we did for STC last week sold out in about 3 hours, which stunned me. I had no idea the topic was that exciting to everyone. I guess to me topic-based content development is like air, but I see now that people are really looking for advice on how to do it and why.

Oddly nervous

For the first time in a long time, I was nervous. This was 250 sites and it’s been a while since I’ve spoken for that many. I was also worried that I wouldn’t convey valuable information and people would think this was a waste of their time. It was sort of like doing standup comedy, in that I also couldn’t see the audience. Unlike standup, tho, I couldn’t hear anyone. So I had no idea if my jokes were going anywhere.

(Ask me about some of the worst stand up performances I’ve ever had sometime. Silence is not always golden)

But I think it went well overall. I talked much too fast for the first 10 minutes, as I do when I’m nervous. But I settled down and I think it was OK.

June is my very favorite month

If you wanted to attend the STC webinar and couldn’t get in, keep watching my blog. We are doing something in June that may help you.

Speaking of June, 2 great things are happening.

The first is the STC International Conference in Philadelphia.

Brief divergence

The last time I was I in Philly was 1980. My first husband and I were living in Naples, Italy and had come back to the States for a family emergency. Because he was active duty US Army, we flew thru Philly on standby military flights both way.

On the way back to Naples, they had room for my husband – because he was active duty, he had priority – but not for me and Matthew. The next flight was a few days later so the military put us in a hotel for two long, boring days. I was traveling with a 2 year old in a city I knew nothing about and I was 19 and very shy.

(No one ever believes that I was painfully shy when I was young, but it’s true. I could barely speak to strangers.)

Back to the main topic

I’m guessing this time will be utterly different, if for no other reason than I am several husbands later. Oh, and I’m a little more outgoing now. That’s also changed.

We have an amazing booth for the show. Come by and see it. We’re also giving away a lot of stuff, so make sure you’re in that loop.

The other cool thing that’s happening in June is my birthday. I love my birthday. It’s the beginning of the universe. I’m thinking seriously about going to visit my son for my birthday this year so you may get some more children pictures posted over the 4th of July weekend.

I miss Matthew and want to see him. My eyes are happy when I see him.

So, if you’re at the STC International conference, swing by our booth and wish me an early birthday.

One Response to “Man, the STC webinar was fun!”

  1. T. Turner Says:

    Shy while in Naples???? Not the Sharon I knew.


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