A really proud wife

My husband and I caught each other on the phone when I hit Portland yesterday and he had great news.

We’ve known for about a month that he won an award for his journalism for the IE Weekly from the Inland Southern California Professional Journalists chapter. It was the piece and the level of award that we didn’t know.

We know now.

And the winner is

David won a Third place. The winning piece is Masters of their Emminent Domain.

We go to the awards dinner tonight here in Riverside to pick up the awards. It’s going to be great. I’m so proud.

A brief salute

My husband took a brave leap several years ago and went freelance because he wanted to write what he wanted to write.

He writes for several publications now with a strong preference for Advocacy Journalism. This is the kind of journalism where you take a position and have an opinion in the story.

His work makes a difference because he tells stories that otherwise would just be a collection of facts. I’m insanely proud of him. His work matters because it gives a voice to people who otherwise might never have one.

My favorite, and most dreaded, piece

The first piece he wrote for the IE Weekly is called Wish. Hope. Pray. In honor of Mother’s day, I’m linking to it.  This piece haunts me, and several other people, still. The trial for this story is scheduled to get underway in a few months.

Time to catch up on my emails and drink coffee and listen to dogs chew.


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