Seriously, I had no idea

Well, the word about the Topic-based content development STC seminar went out to people as I got on the plane yesterday. When I got to Vancouver and was able to get to my email (about 7:30), the webinar is full. We sold out in about 6 hours.

Wow. I had no idea this topic would be so popular.

Thanks for the emails

And my email box was full of people who wanted to get in, or the STC web page wasn’t working for them, or they were confused about the date on the STC page, or thought that the Director of STC shouldn’t ALSO work for MadCap (totally different Burtons), and so on.

I pointed all of them to the STC people, as I have no control over the STC website or how signing up works or really anything on that end.

So, I guess I need to finish the last touches on the slides! I like to write a presentation, let it cook for about 3 days and then revisit it for logic and flow.  

Downstairs, here I come!

I need to get myself together and get downstairs. The vendors part of DocTrain today starts at 10:30. And I need to get moving.

I’ll write more later.


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