Oh, Canada, redux

After a quiet weekend where I did lots of laundry, graded student papers, got all 3 dogs to the groomers, and started cleaning my home office, I’m up and awake. Almost awake.

I’m going to DocTrain this week and I’m excited. It’s in Vancouver and I’ve always wanted to go there. Not that I see much of a city when I go for a show – mostly I see the trip to and from the airport and the hotel. But still.

I’m hoping this Canada trip to not take home another lovely parting gift. My husband has been sick with the cold/flu thing for the last week. And he’s not good at being sick, poor guy. He’s pretty miserable.

If you’re at DocTrain, stop at the booth and see me. I’d love to chat about nearly anything!

One Response to “Oh, Canada, redux”

  1. Have fun at DocTrain!

    Enjoy the seafood… you lucky devils!

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