A lovely parting gift

I had a very nice time in Winnipeg, hanging at the Red River Conference. The people were very nice, the interest in our products high. Just a great time.

When I left, the Canadians gave me a lovely parting gift: the flu. I’ve been sick since last Saturday. I actually took to my bed on Sunday, hoping to just not die. I slept and felt miserable. This week, I’ve just tried to do what work needed to be done and rest as much as possible.

I’m starting to feel human this morning but no one would confuse me with a well person. And the Canadians seem so nice…

Our support is better than yours

Lots better. We just won in the Association of Support Professionals’ (ASP) eleventh annual “Ten Best Web Support Sites” competition, a prestigious award that showcases excellence in online service and support. The Small Company 2008 winners are Articulate and MadCap Software.

So, again, we totally rock. Congrats go to our Support Manager Var on this one. She has made a big difference to our Support group and I’m personally delighted to be working with her.

That’s it for today

I’m sorry but I’m still not well. I’m just going to quietly sit here now.


3 Responses to “A lovely parting gift”

  1. Here I’ve been tracking Web 2.0 usage in Tech Support and my case study wins the annual award.
    What better way to prove my theories??

  2. I am not sure if this is valid or a pure coincidence. if you look at the history of tech support winners at http://www.asponline.com/winners.html, ehelp won a fair share in the small company division in 2002, 2003 i think…then they come back again in 2008 in the same division. interestingly, a large creative design company, that madcap vets might be familiar with wins in 2007 in the open division for the first time ever, then drops off completely in 2008.

  3. Var Galpchian was the manager for Tech Support at Blue Sky Software, then eHelp, then for Macromedia, then for Adobe.

    Now she’s over at MadCap Software.

    Seems like a pattern or something. 😉

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