Want to learn more about Topic-based Content development?

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

I’m doing a tools-independent STC webinar on topic-based content development. This goes much further than the small talk I do for the Blaze demos. This one will go into things like how to make the move, how to plan these projects, how to figure out topics, how to manage these projects, and much more. This is the nitty-gritty of making this move, regardless of the tool you use, from someone who’s done it.

If you’re thinking about moving to DITA, or Flare or… you want to attend this webinar. If you just want to look at a better way to develop information, then you should attend. If you like the sound of my voice, then you want to attend!

Mark the date

The date is May 15th 2008 at 1-2:30 Eastern time. The cost is reasonable at STC Members – $79, Non-STC members $149. Get a group together and use a conference phone and the cost gets even more reasonable.

Tools independent?

Yes, this seminar is independent of any tool you might be using. So if your tool is one of our competitors, you still benefit from attending and learning how to do this.

Why this seminar? What do I care?

Because the economy is very uncertain right now. Most of us remember 2000-2003, when finding a job was awful. We know we’re going to be asked to do more with less. Topic-based content development helps you do just that. Be prepared this time.

Good heavens, this sounds fascinating! How I sign up?

You are full of really good questions! To sign up, go to http://www.stc.org/edu/seminars01.asp and sign up. I’m really excited to be teaching this.

One Response to “Want to learn more about Topic-based Content development?”

  1. Sounds cool Sharon!

    If I’m not too busy starting my new real estate project, I’m going to be there with bells on…

    If I were motivated enough, I’d see if I could get enough SD based techcomm’ers to pirate MadCap’s really cool conference room!


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