This week in review

I made it home, after missing my connection in Atlanta. It’s not possible to get 2 concourses, one end to the other, in 4 minutes in Atlanta. So my delayed flight out of Rochester missed my connecting flight in Atlanta. I spent 6.5 hours sucking all the fun out of the Atlanta airport. Actually, it only took about an hour to do all the fun stuff one can actually do in the Atlanta airport. The rest was just tedious.

There was a bright spot in all this, tho. Anything bad I ever wanted to say about Delta I take back. They quickly got me assigned to the next flight directly home and, without me asking, upgraded me to First Class. So even though my eventual flight was delayed for an hour by a thunderstorm, I was on the plane in a comfy First Class seat with a glass of wine while we waited for the storm to clear.

A very long day  

I finally came home last night about 10pm, after 16 hours of travel. But I slept in my own bed, with Marley the cat and the wonderful husband so life is very good on that front.

The dogs and cats missed me almost as much as my husband. It’s nice to come home to wagging tails!

Now if only my body knew what time it was… Normally, I have a very accurate internal clock. For the last week, every time I check the bio-clock, it just puts it’s head down on the desk and starts crying. When I look at my watch, the bio-clock wails. It’s as surprised as I am to discover that’s the time. I can’t seem to track how much time has passed, either. So we go through this process about 15 times an hour. I’m home for about 2 weeks, though, so it should calm down.

Blaze and Betas

In other news, Blaze is in beta, so go to and download the beta and beat it up. We want to ship a solid product and really need your help to do that. We simply won’t think of the stuff you all will think of. We’re going to be offering prizes for the people who submit the most bug reports that get verified by our QA team and they’re good prizes.

If you want to see stuff in Blaze, I also urge you to sign up for an online demo. The next 3 weeks or so are full but I added several more to the first of May. Same website, go to the Blaze page for more details.

A new crop of ducklings  

This week starts a new quarter at the University of California, Riverside, where Bonni Graham and I teach baby engineers to communicate in Eng 180. We’re trying something new this time – we’re doing the entire class on a Tuesday night, 2 hours of lecture and 3 hours of lab. It’s always fun to see the new room of young faces the first day of class.

The first class is introducing them to the idea that this is a writing class but it’s also a lot more. They will learn to communicate in written forms but they are also going to learn that their products communicate as well. And all this communication stuff has rules, just like math or programming or formal logic. If you ignore the rules, you get invalid results; the communication won’t compile, if you will.

It’s going to be fun getting to know these guys (and it’s typically all men) for the next 10 weeks. And sad to send them on their way when we’re done.


We’re probably going beta with another product this week. Watch your email and this blog for more information.

Now I’m going to drink coffee and talk my bio-clock out of the tree. Maybe brush it’s hair and feed it some ice cream to try to make it happier…


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