Countdown to WritersUA – Busy day!

Well, this is my second day off in as many weeks. Today I:

  • Return the loaner car and pick up my Miata from the dealer after her check-up yesterday
  • Do laundry so I have clean clothes
  • Take my best suits to the tailor to be refitted. I’ve lost 10 lbs since I got them and the pants are bagging in strange places
  • Renew my PO box that expired 2 weeks ago. sigh.
  • Sort thru the mail from the last 2 weeks
  • Pay some bills
  • Unpack from earlier in the week
  • Pack for next week
  • Buy some books to read myself to sleep at the conference
  • Spend time with my very patient husband who’s not seen me awake for almost 2 weeks
  • Pet my animals and perhaps take the puppy for some sort of walk
  • Talk to my brother about my personal email server that seems to be generally down. He manages the server and it’s not really given me any email for 2.5 days. Worriesome.
    (Updated: My brother’s servers are being hit with an attack that’s sending 1.5 million emails a day from some servers in Japan to one of the domains he manages for a client. My domain is being hit as well, but not nearly as hard. Mine is less than a million a day. He’s taken measures to fix the issue, including blocking a whole range of IP addresses at the router level and moving the attacked domain to another IP address but it’s going to take 24 hours for the IP list in the sky to update itself. Wow. He’s been awake a lot at night the last few days.)
  • Grade student papers.
  • Find time to sit quietly and perhaps figure out what little baby hats I want to crochet for the little children in my life, if I ever get the time to do that again.

Just listing out what needs to be done makes me want to go to sleep! I need to get moving if I want to get all this done today. My reward for doing all that stuff will be sitting quietly. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Traveling continues to be hard…

And for those of you keeping score at home, Mike Hamilton was in the Atlanta area this week. He flies from Atlanta to Portland today. Let’s all keep boring, uncancelled flight thoughts in our heads for him.

See you at the show!


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