Traveling in late winter is harder than it looks

I’ve been traveling this last week in the Midwest and it’s been a challenge. 

I visited with a customer who’s been seriously thinking about moving to our products because what they’re using isn’t working in their workflow anymore. They’re in Dallas. Very nice people and we had a good visit. They liked what they saw and how we addressed the workflow needs. Nothing else on the market does that.

As I drove back to DFW, the sleet turned to snow. I actually drove in snow for the first time and, man, is that an overrated activity. I was scared to death. I’ve rarely been that happy to return a rental car.

But that’s when the fun started – because Dallas was getting real snow, they started cancelling flights, mine included. I almost had to sleep in the airport. My Admin/HR/Comptroller person at MadCap started finding me a room while I tried to find transportation. It took her 45 minutes of looking, but she found me a room. It took me 2 hours to find a cab. I was lucky. The snow prevented a lot of cab drivers from coming to the airport. We had easy 6 to 8 inches. The TV said hundreds of people couldn’t get out of the airport and slept there. I saw the condition of that floor – ick.

The next day, I needed to get to Tulsa. The OKSTC was having MadCap Day on Saturday and I wanted to be there a day early. I spent 6 hours in DFW, had 2 flights cancelled out from under me, but I finally made it about 8pm. And, this was the most surprising, my luggage arrived as well. I really thought it was going to Tampa, because Tampa and Tulsa both start with a T and end with an A, which is a perfectly good reason to send my luggage there.

But I’m here, MadCap Day went really well, and I go home Monday. I’m home for about 5 days and then WritersUA.

We have many product anouncements happening at WritersUA. Stay tuned for big Blaze and Flare announcements. We’re also announcing a new product we’re architecting right now that’s going to blow the snow off your shoes.

 See you there!


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