When New England roars, or at least drips hard

OK – maybe not for the locals, but today it roared as far as I was concerned. I went to sleep last night to snow falling fairly heavily. This morning, almost 8 inches had fallen. Everything was covered in snow. It was pretty but looked very cold.

Overnight, it had turned to rain. It rained hard all day. I thought that water melted snow but not if it’s 30 degrees, which is as warm as it got all day. The snow was still here, piled up all over the place. But by 3, things had started to flood. Not a good omen for my talk tonight. I knew that people wanted to drive up from Boston but the weather was clearly going to prevent that.

Wendy from the NNE STC chapter showed up at 5:15 and we drove (ok, more like rowed, there was so much water) to Daniel Webster college for the meeting. It’s a pretty, small college that, I’m sure, is lovely in the summer with lots of brick buildings and wide areas that must be grass when they aren’t covered with snow.

Wendy and I sloshed thru the rushing water and the heavy rain in the parking lot to the building they meet in. I got icy water in my shoes, which was nice.

Inside the warm building, we eventually got about 8 people but they were 8 great people. I really enjoyed showing them Blaze and answering questions. No one was using any of our products so it was a chance to explain out market strategy and show our products. I had a great time talking to people and listening to what they had to say.

We finished at about 8:30 and Wendy got me back to the hotel about 9. It has mostly stopped raining but things are starting to ice up.

I’m really glad I have my full-length down parka coat, my gloves, my scarves and hat. And dry socks. I was really glad for the dry socks!

So I’m finishing up emails and watching a little TV. I fly out tomorrow about noon, giving me enough time to pack and get to the airport without having to rush. I should land about 8pm and be home about 9.

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