Great Blaze Pre-Review

I do a weekly preview of Blaze that you can sign up for, if you want. It’s open to the public and shows some highlights of Blaze and Flare 4. Go to and select the time and date that works for you.

Keith Soltys attended last week. It made me nervous when I saw him on the attendee list because I know his reputation and he knows a lot. He was a good guy, didn’t embarrass me, and seemed to like the product overall.

This morning, he sent me an email that he updated his blog. I’m really happy about what he said about Blaze. To find out more, go to

4 Responses to “Great Blaze Pre-Review”

  1. I really enjoyed your Blaze demo too. You’re definitely an eloquent, intelligent presenter, and I’m glad to see you’ve started a blog on Madcap.

    Can you tell us what it’s like to work at Madcap? Does it have a Google-like culture, or is it a more traditional type of environment? And how does this corporate attitude affect innovation at Madcap?

  2. I asked in a comment over at Keith’s blog but thought I’d post here as it is the most important thing to me in considering Blaze. My main concern is print quality. Will Blaze compete as far as output quality with a book produced by Adobe InDesign? For instance, on fonts, will Blaze allow the use of the Opentype features such as in the Pro fonts by Adobe (Arno Pro for instances): Swashes, ligatures, etc. InDesign allows extensive use of these, but Framemaker does not. For my needs a merger of features of InDesign (type features) and Framemaker (great indexing, numbering, cross referencing) would make Blaze ideal.

  3. Re the print quality in Blaze. As far as I cantell, it’s at least as good a FrameMaker. I don’t have InDesign to work and I’ve not tested with OpenType fonts specifically, but I will. We do indexes, autonumbering, xrefs and more in Blaze. I’ll check the fonts issue.

  4. Thanks Sharon; the handling of the Opentype advance typography. ligatures, etc. is the key for me.

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