We take our almost 9 month old Aussie puppy to a Dog Day Camp a few days a week. We’re really not crazy animal people – he’s a very active breed and the other dogs in our home are too old to play with him the way he needs to play. We also have a small yard so he doesn’t have any place to run, which this breed needs. Thus, Dog Camp! The perfect solution.

I dropped him off this morning. As we got out of the car, he wiggled. I watched him wiggle more when he got thru the gate to go play with the other dogs. Sometimes he’s so excited that his legs give out, one at a time, and he sort of lists to one side or another as he gets full control of his legs again. He doesn’t look back – he just heads out to play.

When I drove away to come to work, I thought that I’ve never been that happy. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been very happy. I’m a very happy person by nature. But I’ve never been so happy that all I could do was wiggle until my legs gave out.

I think this is what Joy looks like. Gus doesn’t worry about he’s only going to stay for 8 hours and then has to go home or that maybe his best friends won’t be there (yes, he has best friends), or that maybe they won’t make macaroni art today. He’s right now in the moment; right now, he’s at his favorite place and the whole day is ahead of him.

That’s Joy. About 60 wiggling pounds of it.


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