Marley the orange cat/dog returns

He showed up last night after I went to bed, after missing for 4 days. His paw is hurt so my husband is taking him to the vet this morning while I have a follow-up mammo appointment.

Yesterday, I looked at the Animal Control website for my city. They have a great search engine that lets you search for missing animals with pictures. There were 2 cats that looked very much like Marley. David and I dashed over about 2 and looked but neither was our guy. They were both very sweet orange cats but not our sweet orange cat.

I printed a picture of Marley – the one linked on the flicker site – and took it with me. I’m not sure why. When I walked into each Cat room, cages stacked on all the walls, many of the cats would look up and start meowing. As I walked by the cages, looking for Marley, I showed the cats the picture of Marley and told them “Have you see this cat? If you see him, please, tell him to just put the bottle down and call home. He can call collect, if he drank his last dime away again. Just, just call.”

Of course, no one laughed but me. Cats really can be so humorless. David was in another area so I didn’t even have him. And he was getting upset with all these cats who needed homes. Me, too.

I’ve not gone to the pound looking for one of my animals before. In my city, everyone was very helpful and kind. We even pulled out the Dead Animal book and looked to see if they removed a orange long hair dead cat but he wasn’t listed. Overall, at the time, a discouraging trip.

But Marley is home now, albeit hurt. And our vet will make him better today. We’re pretty happy. Sara is very glad he’s home.


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