Blaze stuff

We have some exciting Blaze news coming at the end of February. I’m not telling what it is but it’s really exciting. We spent about an hour yesterday in deep discussions and decisions. Now I have to put a lot of stuff in place in the next 4 weeks!

If you’re in New Hampshire Feb 13th, I’ll be speaking at the New England STC Chapter. Feel free to come by the meeting and chat with me. I’m always interested in meeting people and hearing what you want in a product. If not New Hampshire, I’m at the Central Iowa STC chapter Feb 26th and you can drop by then, too. Or the Silicon Valley STC Feb 28th.

Part of my job is to listen to you, whether you use our products or not, and find out what you need, what problems you’re facing. We really want to make products you want to use and you can tell us what you want. So drop by at one of these meetings and chat me up. I want to know what you’d love to see a product do!

By the way, I’ve been asked how one might set up an RSS to this blog. I’ve looked around the settings in WordPress and I don’t see anything I set for that…  I think it’s automatic – when I look at the blog in IE7, I have the RSS icon enabled and I have an option to set to watch the RSS for this page… After that, I don’t know.


3 Responses to “Blaze stuff”

  1. You can simply add /rss to the end of the URL. So the RSS feed for this blog is:


  2. If I were you, I’d route your feed through Feedburner and then put a big RSS Subscribe chicklet on your home page. Not everyone is aware of the RSS icon in the browser URL. Also, if you do use Feedburner, make sure you change the feed URL in your header file.

    Glad to find your blog.

  3. Ok. So it is now March 1st. Did I miss the announcement?!

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