Whither Blaze?

We are in the last weeks of development. Soon, we’ll be putting it out to Alpha testing to have people find issues that we can’t find.

One of the things about product development is that no matter how much you bang on a product in testing, your users will immediately do stuff it never occurred to you to do. And, of course, the product breaks. So we want to get it out there to people so they can do their wierd things that we won’t think of.

And no matter how hard you work, no one ships a bug free product – you can’t any more. Technology is simply too complex. The best you can do – and we at MadCap do this very well, I think – is to fix things quickly. We can usually fix stuff in a matter of a day and release a patch. Other companies keep a list of things they’ll fix one day – no names here but you know who I mean.

 If you want to see Blaze, make sure to go to www.madcapsoftware.com and sign up for the Blaze demo – the link is on the Blaze page.

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