We’ve reached that part of winter when I think that “warm” is a false memory implanted by space aliens, that I’ve never actually been warm. I know that So Cal isn’t actually cold compared to DC, but it can be damp and it gets in my bones. By mid-January, I feel like I’ll never be warm again. I won’t actually start to warm up until sometime in April and the feeling of being cold won’t go away until mid June. Ick.

In the next few weeks, I get to go to New Hampshire, Iowa, Portland, and Oklahoma before spring appears. These are not places known for heat in Feb and early March, so I have no idea how I’m going to stand being that cold. I long to be sent to, say, Merida, in the Yucatan, a few degress north of the equator. My personal home page tells me that they have a high and low of 85 and 66. It sounds like heaven.

 My 8 month Aussie puppy sleeps on my feet at home. His body simply radiates heat and I love it. He’s so warm and wiggley. It’s the best.


One Response to “Winter”

  1. LOL. I am looking at the weather forecast for my city, and today we’re supposed to get up to 25 degrees or something, but it will only “feel like” 18 or something at the high. By the time I leave work, the “feel like” temp is supposed to be about 13 degrees Fahrenheit. From here, San Diego sounds like heaven. I suppose it is all relative 🙂

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