Analyzer Tips and Tricks

I demo-ed MadCap Analyzer today and it went really well. I like Analyzer a lot because it finds and helps solve problems in Flare and, soon, Blaze projects. It’s fun to show it to people so they can understand what issues they can take care of if they use Analyzer.

What Analyzer does is scans your Flare or Blaze project and finds “issues”. Some of these issues may be real problems and some may be housekeeping problems that would be good to clean up but don’t have to be.

One of the things I really like showing is the Topics Not in Index list. Open the first topic you want to start indexing. Then go to the used Index Words list and press F9. Now you see what topics need to be indexed and  your existing index entries for this project. You can start indexing the topics that haven’t been indexed with the existing keywords right there for you. indexanalyzer.png


Really, nothing else comes close to this. Not even IxGen for FrameMaker, a tool I love if I’m in Frame. I really hate indexing and I know that a solid index is really needed by the users. This makes indexing a lot easier.

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